Figure 6 - Changing the location of a container

Figure 5 - Editing the number of items in a container

Figure 4 - Editing the name of the container

Figure 3

Tap on Pizza to edit the Pizza item.  The screen in Figure 3 will appear.  On this screen you can change the name of the container, how many items are left in the container, and the location of the container, as shown in figures 4, 5, and 6.  To edit a row, just tap on it.  When you are done editing the container's information, press the Save button. Note that you cannot change the number of items left in a store-bought item or an item added by scanning a barcode.

Figure 2

Tap on the freezer that contains the item you want to edit (the Basement freezer, in this example).  The screen in Figure 2 will appear, showing the contents of the Basement freezer.

Figure 1

To edit the details associated with an item without scanning a barcode, press the Manage Freezers and Items button on the Frij ID main screen, shown above.  You will be presented with the screen in Figure 1, which shows the list of currently defined freezers.

Frij ID - Editing item details without scanning a barcode