Figure 4

Figure 3

Press the Delete button.  The screen in Figure 4 will appear, providing you with one last opportunity to not delete the freezer.  If you still want to delete the freezer, press the Yes button in Figure 4.  Otherwise, press the No button.

WARNING: If a freezer is deleted, all of the items that it contains will also be deleted.

Press the - button next to the freezer you want to delete.  The screen in Figure 3 will appear.

Figure 2

Press the Edit button.  The screen in Figure 2 will appear.

Figure 1

To delete a freezer, press the Manage Freezers and Items button on the Frij ID main screen, shown above.  You will be presented with the screen in Figure 1, which shows the list of currently defined freezers.

Frij ID - Deleting a freezer