Figure 4

Figure 3

To remove Bread from the freezer press the - button next to Bread.  The screen in Figure 4 will be displayed.  Press the Delete button in Figure 4 to remove Bread from the freezer.

Press the Edit button.  The screen in Figure 3 will appear.

Figure 2

Tap on the freezer that you would like remove the item from (the Basement freezer, in this example).  The screen in Figure 2 will appear, showing the contents of the Basement freezer.

Figure 1

To remove an item from a freezer without scanning a barcode, press the Manage Freezers and Items button on the Frij ID main screen, shown above.  You will be presented with the screen in Figure 1, which shows the list of currently defined freezers.

Frij ID - Removing an item from a freezer without scanning a barcode