Figure 3

If the scanned item exists in more than one freezer, then Frij ID presents you with a list of freezers that contain the item, as shown in Figure 3.  Tap the freezer that you want to remove the item from and the item will be removed from that freezer.  Note that Figure 3 will contain only freezers that contain the scanned item.  Any freezers that do not contain the scanned item will not appear in the list.

Figure 2

To remove the scanned item from one of your freezers, select Remove item from a freezer.  

If the item scanned exists in only one freezer, then you will be presented with the removal confirmation dialog box in Figure 2.  Select yes to remove the item, or select no to not remove the item.

Figure 1

If you scan an item that has the same barcode as an item already in one of your freezers, then Frij ID presents the menu shown in Figure 1.

Frij ID - Removing an Item from a Freezer