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  • EAN-13
  • EAN-8
  • UPC-E

  • Keep track of items in one or more freezers
  • Scan barcodes of items you purchase to add them to your freezers
  • Scan barcodes of items to remove them from freezers
  • Move an item from one freezer to another
  • Rename freezers
  • Rename items contained in freezers
  • Add food containers without barcodes (i.e. plastic food containers or bags) to freezers.  For these types of items, Frij ID allows you to keep track of how many items are in each container.
​Frij ID is capable of scanning barcodes adhering to the following barcode standards:
Frij ID is a simple application that keeps track of items in your freezers.

With Frij ID you can

Frij ID