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Graviti - The exoplanet survival game!

Over 2600 solar systems have been discovered, containing over 3500 exoplanets. How many exoplanets harbor life is unknown. You can help protect exoplanets, and possibly extraterrestrial life, from destruction in 27 solar systems by skillfully piloting your ship, entering a stable orbit around exoplanets, and spraying a protective shield around each one. With your help, any life on these exoplanets will be preserved for future scientific discovery!

Extinction events, such as meteors and comets, threaten to destroy exoplanets and your ship! Time and fuel availability will work against you. You will need to rely on gravity assist flying to slingshot around planets and preserve fuel. Good luck!

The systems below need your help. Do not delay.

Exoplanet Systems You Must Protect:

11 Com (1 exoplanet)
18 Del (1 exoplanet)
51 Eri (1 exoplanet)
K2 54 (1 exoplanet)
Kepler-1027 (1 exoplanet)
AB Pic (1 exoplanet)
GJ 3293 (2 exoplanets)
Kepler-135 (2 exoplanets)
GJ 832 (2 exoplanets)
BD-06 1339 (2 exoplanets)
BD-08 2823 (2 exoplanets)
47 UMa (3 exoplanets)
Kepler-48 (3 exoplanets)
Kepler-104 (3 exoplanets)
YZ Cet (3 exoplanets)
HIP 57274 (3 exoplanets)
WASP-47 (4 exoplanets)
KOI-94 (4 exoplanets)
tau Cet (4 exoplanets)
HR 8799 (4 exoplanets)
GJ 667 C (5 exoplanets)
HD 40307 (5 exoplanets)
HD 10180 (6 exoplanets)
HD 219134 (6 exoplanets)
HD 34445 (6 exoplanets)
TRAPPIST-1 (7 exoplanets)
Kepler-90 (8 exoplanets)

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